Whoever stands still, retreats. This is a particularly important principle for Netflix. Disney+, HBO Max or Amazon Prime is getting stronger, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because new VOD services pop up like mushrooms after rain. Netflix is ​​constantly trying to deliver the little news now and then. It also makes big changes from time to time.

PlayStation Plus Video Pass is officially in Poland. We know the list of movies and series

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Netflix and shuffle

Let’s start with the trifles that have already reached the first users as part of the tests. It is a virtual button “Run something”, placed under our profile and in the tenth line of the home page. This is an option for those who can’t decide what to watch. Selecting this function will play a random movie or series from the site. The algorithm will give us something to our taste. It could be a new movie or series that we haven’t finished watching.

N-plus will allow you to create playlists and watch additional material

Netflix has created a survey to find out what its customers think of the new service. The survey describes exactly what your N-plus will be. This is where the original Netflix production materials will appear. There are many texts, graphics, videos, interviews, analysis, games, music, podcasts, and more. Some items should be visible after searching on Google and also available to people who have not purchased a subscription.

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Netflix hits for free.No more sharing accounts on Netflix? The website is testing to block these users

Another interesting option is to be able to create playlists of your favorite series and movies. And it’s not about top-down playlists created by the website, it’s about enabling each subscriber to create them for their own use.