Netflix has created a new way to get users to watch more news. The site has just been updated with a new feature called “Download for You” that automatically downloads premium movies and series for your viewers. And all according to the parameters of the algorithm.

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Anyone using VoD services sooner or later faces the following question: “What are you watching?” It is not always easy to find answers to them. Companies like Netflix try to recommend new products to their users in the most effective way. All this, even if for a while you might not even consider deleting your account. Streaming platforms recommend to their customers a list of new products based on previously demonstrated products.

However, Netflix decided to simplify the process further and simplify the choice of viewers by taking advantage of the new “Download for You” feature.

In 2018, the Smart Download service was launched, thanks to which new episodes of the production selected for viewing were automatically downloaded to the smartphone after watching the previous episode. In this way, the company has ensured continuity of communication with the customer, even when the customer is offline. Downloading for you should be a logical step forward. As I said Varied portalTherefore, Netflix will proactively encourage its users to watch the next series or movie.

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If the web application owner accepts the new feature, the new products will be downloaded automatically to their device. He doesn’t even have to choose them, because the algorithm is doing it for him based on previous decisions. Dowloads For You is another extension of the Netflix app that the company recently launched after a previous trial period.

In January of this year, any game was implemented on the platform, and its aim is also to limit the options available to users. Sleep tests are underway, too. An Android app update with a new download service was released on February 22nd, although it might not appear on some devices for several days after that. Apple device owners will also wait a little longer.

Netflix iOS smartphone owners are expected to see a similar update soon.

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