People who voted for Great Britain to leave the European Union 5 years ago do not believe that this decision could have negative consequences. Empty shelves in stores, intermittent deliveries, problems with supplies and above all – no manpower. Maciej Woroch, “Fakty” correspondent, reported live what is happening in the UK.

There were not as many vacancies in Britain as there are now 20 years ago. As evidenced by the latest data from the Office for National Statistics – the British equivalent of the Central Statistics Office – there is a shortage of 1.034 million jobs.

On the one hand, this is a source of joy for entrepreneursWho sees that it is possible to return to normal after the epidemic, but on the other hand confirms economists’ fears of a labor shortage. There are no basic products like bottled water or bread in stores – Maciej Woroch said.

Most of the vacancies are in hotels, restaurants and the leisure and entertainment sector. Nearly 100,000 are also missing. Truck drivers – added.

Working for Poles in Great Britain?

It turns out that Poles who previously worked in the UK will have a chance to gain pounds back. Everything is ready to become clear in the next few days.

Being able to work in Great Britain after Brexit – eg, polar – You must have a settled status or a work visa. A truck driver who will transport products from warehouses to stores offered 70 thousand. Pounds – said Maciej Woroch.

– It would be easy if someone had already traveled to the islands. The British want to introduce ‘fewer obstacles’ For those who want to come and work for a short time – he added.

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Main image source: Good morning TVN