The investments made in ód will improve the quality of railways across the country. Thanks to the interchange near ód, a “mini metro” will be constructed, allowing effective communication for the townspeople. It is also an important mission in the context of domestic and international long-distance communications, which will increase the investment and tourism potential of the Lodz Province.

– He said during the opening Waldemar Buda, Deputy Minister of Finance and Regional Policy.

The opening of the excavations organized by the investor – PKP PLK SA was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński and Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk.

The tunnel in Lodz connects Poland

The construction of the Trans-City Tunnel is a continuation of the construction of the Lodz Fabrica terminal, which will become a transit station from the terminal. Regional and long-distance trains will be able to travel through the city center of ód الغربي – on the east-west axis (via the stations Lodz, Fabryczna and Kaliska) and on the north-south axis (via ód Widzew, Fabryczna and Żabieniec stations).

As part of the project, new stations will be built, including Łódź Polesie and ódź Śródmieście, which will be integrated with public transport and will facilitate the daily travel of residents.

The project “Improvement of the Lodz Railway Junction (TEN-T), Phase II, Lodz Fabrikzna – Division of Lodz Kalisca / Lodz Shapenik” is co-financed by European Union funds under the Infrastructure and Environment Program. The value of the project is more than 1.7 billion PLN, of which more than 1.2 billion PLN is funded by the European Union. The works are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.

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TBM construction of railways

TBM technology used in tunnel construction consists of simultaneous drilling and tunnel construction. The “mechanical mole” disk rotates 3 times per minute and grinds the soil, which is constantly brought to the surface. As the disk moves, a space is created in which the subsequent tubular loops will be placed. Within 24 hours, the machine can put about 10-15 meters of tunnel liner. The TBM design prevents subsidence and vibration, and reduces collisions with urban infrastructure.

It is not uncommon for tunnel boring machines to be named after their female names. The shields operating in ód were called Katarzina and Faustina. The name of the patron saint of the railway workers, saint. Catherine of Alexandria received a larger shield, and the smaller machine was named Faustina, after the patron saint of Lodz, the saint. Faustina Kowalska.

Parallel to the activities on the construction site, design work is being carried out at Łódź Polesie and ódź Śródmieście subway stations. The contractor is including an additional third plant in the project, Lodz Cousini (business name).