Former Celtic star has demanded anxiety Ramon Vega Neil Lennon Parkhead found his locker room and claimed that his old friend looked like a “lost soul”.

The hoops keeper has not been slow to publicly rebuke his players following disappointing host scores both domestically and in Europe.

After a 2-2 draw on Saturday with Hips, A result that was only saved by a last-minute goal Diego Laxalt, He did not miss his players due to the “lazy defense” and the claim that they suffered from “freeze the brains”.

It even singled out the captain Scott Brown For single criticism after the veteran ditched the penalty that ultimately led to Jimmy Murphy’s opening.

The problems were compounded by a Rangers 4-0 win over Aberdeen today, leaving Celtic 11 points behind in the title race, albeit with two matches postponed.

Vega, who played alongside the manager of Team Hoops during a six-month period in 2000, is usually positive and supportive of Lennon in his active Twitter feed.

But the 49-year-old Swiss now feels the time has come for something new if Lennon cannot help his players.

“I regret to say that this needs to be resolved,” said Vega, posting on social media.

“When a manager starts criticizing players in public, it feels like a lost soul in the locker room and the players don’t take responsibility and the coach doesn’t have the respect he should get.”

Celtic meet Sparta Prague on Thursday as they somehow look to save the struggling European League campaign against the team that crushed them 4-1 earlier this month.

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