– Those arrested by the Internal Security Service are a man who was supposed to organize this criminal gang and two women – bank employees, who were supposed to allow the opening of bank accounts on the so-called columns and carry out activities that enable money laundering – Stanisław Garin, spokesman for the Minister Coordinator of Special Services He told PAP.

As he explained, the group bought companies in Poland and registered them in “columns”, and these companies did not conduct business and did not settle taxes. Their only goal was to allow to receive money, which came mainly from Russia. As of April 2019, 19 people have already been arrested in this case.

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Then the money was transferred to successive bank accounts, among other things, of companies operating in Great Britain, Far Eastern countries and tax havens.

ABW officers also searched the detainees’ apartments, cars, and two branches of a bank in Warsaw. Documents, laptops, hard drives, data carriers, and cell phones were secured there. Watches worth 180,000 PLN were also acquired. Polish zlotys and 22 thousand. dollars and 8.7 thousand. Euro cash.


The investigation is being conducted by the sub-office of the Internal Security Agency in Lublin in Radom under the supervision of the West Pomeranian Organized Crime and Corruption Branch of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin.