Stevie Nicks indicated that she would be interested in dating Harry Styles – had he been a few years older than him.

72-year-old music icon And the 26 Years Old, Former One Direction Star You have a strong friendship – having been associated with an apparent love of music.

Eyebrows went up last year when Harry introduced Fleetwood icon Mac Stevie during a speech while joining the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the USA.

During his speech, Harry announced that the Need Your Love So Bad singer was: “Whatever you want in a lady, in a lover, in a friend.”

And Stevie appears to be more than happy to fuel speculation that there is an attraction between the two – but she hinted that she may be aware of the 46-year age difference between them.

Stevie Nicks has discussed her attraction to Harry Styles

While chatting with Los Angeles Times, Stevie was asked “if the old version of the patterns would be of their kind.”

The star replied with a chuckle, “Well … that’d be a good thing.”

In the interview, she also said that she is “very proud” of the way Harry has developed his career from the One Direction superstar to the rock and roll wrist.

Harry praised Bestevy when he gave a speech at the rock and roll Hall of Fame concert

She praised him: “Because he chose to be a rock and roll star, not a pop star.”

In the same interview, Stevie also explained how to look for love – but she won’t subscribe to Tinder, Bumble, or the like.

She said, “Now, if I were, until, 30 or 40 or 50, I’d never use a dating app. I find that’s totally hopeless.”

Stevie was flooded with Harry’s career advancement

Harry was recently linked to Crown Star Emma Corinne

“I watch all those crime shows. Would you put yourself with an ax killer or something?”

Meanwhile, Harry is believed to be so It grows near the crown star Emma Corinne.

In August, reports surfaced that the duo were trusting each other, with Harry providing advice and advice to the actress before her imminent appearance as Princess Diana in the song. Netflix Turns out.