Germany’s Elena Abel and Czech Waclaw Chaloupka win the canoe competition at the World Championships in Whitewater Kayak in Bratislava. The Poles were eliminated in the semi-finals. Michał Pasiut finished fourth in the extreme slalom final.

The Polish women finished off the race in the C1 semi-finals. Alexandra Stach took 28th place with 56 seconds on penalty kicks, Claudia Zolinska scored 54 seconds and was 30 seconds in. Jessica Fox unexpectedly missed the final, who missed the goal and finished only in the semi-finals in 26th place. In the final, in the absence of the favorite, other players fought for medals. Turns out, Elena Abel is the best. The German scored 99.03 points, including two seconds from the penalty shootout. The British call was preceded by Mallory Franklin by 31 percent. The podium was completed by Czech Gabriela Satkowa (102.50).

Grzegorz Hedwig finished 19th in the C1 semi-final with a score of 101.22 (4 seconds). The second pole, Kasper Stupa, came in 23rd place with a score of 109.69 (4 seconds from penalty kicks). Benjamin Susek won the semi-final, but in the final, just like Matij, Penus missed. Waclaw Chaloupka became the gold medalist. The Czech representative scored 92.02 points. He triumphed thanks to a flawless run, as the medalists scored two seconds off penalty kicks. The second is Slovakian Alexander Slavkovsky and the third is German Franz Anton.

In the afternoon, an intense slalom competition was held, in which Michau Pasiot was close to the medal. Pole would probably have made it to the finals, finishing fourth last. He was followed by Britain’s Joseph Clark, Finland’s New Zealander Butcher and Austrian Mario Leitner. Alexandra Stach was eliminated in the qualifying round. Jessica Fox made up for the failure in the Canadians. The Australian team triumphed in the extreme slalom. He also won the C1 champion medals by Elena Apel and Eva Leibfarth.

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Canadian Women’s Final:

1 – Elena Abel (Germany) 99.03
2. Mallory Franklin (UK) 99.43
3 – Gabriela Satkoa (Czech Republic) 102.50

28. Alexandra Stach – Eliminated in the semi-finals
30. Klaudia Zwoliński – Eliminated in the semi-finals

Canadian men’s final:

1- Waklaw Chalubka (Czech Republic) 92.02.0000
2 – Aleksandar Slavkovsky (Slovakia) 92.17
3 – Franz Anton (Germany) 94.10

19. Grzegorz Hedwig – Eliminated in the semi-finals
23. Kacper Sztubka – Eliminated in the semi-finals

Men’s long distance slalom skating final:

1 – Joseph Clark (Great Britain)
2 – Finn Butcher (New Zealand)
3 – Mario Leitner (Austria)
4. Michai Bassiut

Women’s long-distance slalom skating final:

1 – Jessica Fox (Australia)
2 – Elena Abel (Germany)
3 – Evie Liebfarth (USA)
4 – Naimi Brindel (Switzerland)

Alexandra Stach – Eliminated in the qualifying round

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