Piers Morgan He is a popular UK journalist and presenter, collaborating with, among others with The Daily Mail, The Sun and more recently also with the just-started talkTV. He is known, among other things, because he loves football and supports Arsenal London with great passion and that … he likes to stick a stick in an anthill.

Shortly after midnight on February 14, Morgan posted a photo on his personal Twitter account of Odell Beckham on the NFL Los Angeles Rams star and Super Bowl participant. Sign the photo with the caption “Good to watch BeckhamWho can play football … ”, which undoubtedly referred to the character of David Beckham, who was once a famous player, among others Manchester United and Real Madrid.

He defended the Pecs. Gary LinekerNow a TV pundit, he was once an important English player who went down in history, among others as the top scorer in the 1986 World Cup. “You might not like him for whatever reason, but David Beckham He was a great football player. One of our best ”- wrote Lineker on his personal page on Twitter.

“You might want to suck it up for whatever reason, but Beckham is the most overrated player in history. He wouldn’t even be on the bench at The Invicibles,” Morgan replied, referring to the famous “Gunners” team in 2003/2004, referring to the The famous “Gunners” team in 2003/2004 won the England Championship without any defeat.

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then Lineker He scored all of Beckham’s biggest successes on the field, ironically in the journalist’s claims. He also noted his great artistic abilities. Morgan replied: “You just need to do his passes and free kicks and he’ll be a hungry snail with ridiculous hairstyles that won a lot because of the great players around him.”

Lineker pointed out that the controversy is pointless because it is like keeping Ronaldo away from his goals. By then, Morgan had already decided to push the pin directly to Lineker.

“It’s just that Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world and he can do everything better than Beckham. It would be more than just a case where you are denied waiting for goals and pressing. Without that, you would have to be lucky to be on the field. The best eleven players in Leicester City ”- commented the presenter, referring to the fact that Lineker began his football career in the “Lisov” team and it was there that his talent blossomed.

Lineker concluded, “Total agreement – without turning around and pressing, I wouldn’t have scored hundreds of goals and I wouldn’t get the Golden Boot. I’d be like you – completely useless.”

Morgan wrote nothing specific except for a few codes – one of which noted Lineker “swallowed the hook”. But he later wrote in general: “To make things clear – my opinion of Beckham’s abilities is nothing personal. I think Messi is exaggerated too,” he said and sparked another flurry of comments…

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David Beckham He ended his football career in 2013 as a player for Paris Saint-Germain. Since then, he has focused on commercial activities, incl. He became a co-owner of the MLS Inter Miami team.

“Beck” has, among others, six championships, two England Cups, a Spanish championship, a French championship and an MLS championship. He was also captain of the England national team for years, and in 2003, in recognition of his qualifications, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire.