At the end of last year, Dom Development, the largest developer in Poland, completed another phase of the second version of ملكيةoliborz Artystyczny’s estate, Witold Lutosławski colony. Thus, an exotic art gallery – a hallmark of investment – was expanded with new artistic elements. In 2020, Dome Development delivered 284 apartments and sold 481 units of the property, and the entire second phase of the property will include a total of 1,200 apartments and 53 commercial units, of which nearly 200 apartments of various sizes are still in the current supply.

author: February 9, 2021 11:51

The settlement of Witold Lutosławski is located at the intersection of Powzkowska and Ludwika Rydygiera Streets in oliborz in Warsaw. It is part of the new edition of Żoliborz Artystyczny – an investment awarded many times due to its modern architecture and friendly urban planning that recalls the style and traditions of the Warsaw region. The project is characterized by open and green urban spaces, numerous service points, and artistic elements in the form of art installations and drawings.

Among them is a colorful fresco with the image of Witold Lutosławski, which was placed on the facade of one of the two recently completed buildings. Its author – as well as many other works that can be admired on the estate – is painter Olga Wolnyak, an award-winning artist whose paintings are found in many of the most prestigious art collections. The composition of the mural is dynamic, light and optimistic. Multicolored splashes of background color symbolize the sounds of music giving the illusion of vibrating in space.

Another interesting artwork is the softening of the musical note in the gate. It was created by Agata Kleczkowska, author of paintings, compositions, fabrics, and scenography. The work refers to controlled fraud, that is, the compositional technique used by Lutosławski, which aims to leave space in the piece for chance or for the selection of performers. The composer delineated this space of freedom for musicians with a wavy line, which Kleczkowska used in her work.

The developer has also taken interest in artistic accents in the interiors of buildings. In a hall of one of them two stories high, a violin wallpaper was created by Łukasz Stokowski – an artist of the younger generation, whose paintings and installations reach collectors all over the world. The use of this tool is a nod to one of Lutosławski’s most important and recognizable works – “Introduction to the Series”.

Żoliborz Artystyczny is one of Dom Development’s main investments in Warsaw and a unique place on the map of the capital, with an open urban space, full of greenery and art. The fresco with the image of Witold Lutosławski and other dialects assigned to him are considered other artistic elements of the estate. In this way, we want to emphasize the accomplishments of the outstanding composer and leader, one of the most famous residents of Żoliborz, whom we celebrate in our region – says Grzegorz Smoliński, Director of Sales at Dom Development SA