The investigation comes after a phone conversation between Donald Trump and Ravensberger, revealed by The Washington Post. The interview took place on January 2. Trump card He asked the foreign minister to “find” about 12,000 people for him. Voices – lost the elections in Georgia. – Listen. I just want you to do one. I just want you to find 11,780 votes, Trump said during the interview.

United States of America. An investigation into pressure from Donald Trump. The former president may face three charges

Walter Jones, a spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s office, explained that the investigation was initiated due to the many complaints and appeals made to officials. “The Secretary of State’s office is investigating the complaints we receive,” Jones said, adding that the investigation was a result facts And administrative activities. – He added that the Attorney General will take any other legal measures.

United States of America. Approach people with a knife and pretend to be a thief. He was shot

Experts in election law say this Donald Trump He may have violated at least three state criminal laws: collusion to commit electoral fraud, incitement to commit electoral fraud, and intentional interference in the performance of electoral duties. Acts committed may be punished with a fine or imprisonment.

Reuters Reports suggest that if Trump were brought on trial, he could base his defense on the fact that he really thinks so Presidential elections Forged. The agency notes that the above criminal provisions require a deliberate intent to commit a crime, which may be difficult to prove in this case.

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United States of America. Trump to Georgia State Secretary: We won this election

During a phone conversation with Ravensburger, Trump stated that the election result is in Georgian It differs from the real by “hundreds of thousands of votes”. We won those elections in Georgia. There is nothing wrong with saying this. (…) Trump said the people in Georgia are angry, and people across the country are angry.

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Ravensberger disagreed with Trump’s claim. The politician emphasized that the election results were accurate, and this was confirmed through subsequent censuses. He also refuted arguments regarding the large number of people who voted on behalf of the dead. – Well, Mr. President. The point, he said, is that the data you have is wrong.

According to the Washington Post, Trump appears to be threatening Georgia’s foreign minister. – You know what they’re doing and don’t report it. It’s a crime story – it’s a criminal offense (…) You can’t allow that. This is a huge risk for you and your lawyer. It’s too risky (…) I listened to you this morning and said there were no crimes [wyborczych – red.]. But listen, this is all too dangerous for you.

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