Nearly 400 events in various fields of science and arts are planned from 8 to 19 November 2021 as part of the 24th edition of the Poznan Science and Arts Festival. Festival events are prepared by six universities in Pozna, a branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Imagination Laboratory.

Poznan Science and Art Festival The event will run from 8 to 19 November. It is an academic event that promotes science and art among the Poznan community and the surrounding area, as well as guests from other regions of the country.

As part of the festival, six universities in Poznan: Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego im. Eugeniusz Piasecki in Pozna University of Arts Pozna Pozna University of Economics Adam Mickiewicz University Pozna University of Medicine Karola Marcinkowski in Pozna and University of Life Sciences Pozna organizes Pozna Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences and PPNT Imagination Lab Attractions, lectures, workshops and presentations For experiments and other forms, it shows visitors the world of science.

“The new format of the festival will be of a mixed character, in which live meetings will be combined with online activity,” the organizers informed.

The festival will start on November 8 at 12.00 opening lecture with broadcast from Aula Lubrański, Mujahideen. Wieniawskiego 1 in Poznan.

In total, 400 events and 50 educational curiosities were prepared. The latter included meetings devoted, inter alia, to the Internet of Things, new forms of the Arabic language, amazing names of dishes in Chinese (“Ants climb the tree and other Chinese dishes”), a lecture for teenagers and another for the youngest: “Why do drones fly?” Or “Science without boredom” encounters, or How to get electricity from a perka and bring an egg to the bottle? – or “dark and light-colored mind wandering.”

One attraction is the University of Life Sciences in Pozna. “We will try to answer a slightly skewed question: is it possible to love ticks? Because of global warming, ticks acquire longer activity and multiply faster. Impact? Their number is increasing and more and more people hear about the diseases they spread. That is why this “hot topic” ” It stirs up a lot of emotions, “- reported Iona Celik, a spokeswoman for the UPP. Several studies on these spiders are being conducted at this university.” What research techniques do scientists use? What is a tick group? Should you be afraid of ticks? Working with them during a walk around the Cieszkowski campus, Dr. Anna Wierzbicka from the Department of Hunting and Forestry Protection will tell you At UPP, a scientist for love, passion, profession and forestry ecologist, science celebrity.

The history of the Pozna Festival of Arts and Sciences dates back to 1997. It was founded on the initiative of the Pozna Universities and the Pozna Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences. We read on the festival’s website: “The common and unifying goal was and still is the desire to arouse the participants’ interest in science and art and develop a passion among them.”

More about the festival – on date This is amazing the side. The festival schedule is also available here.

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