The idea was very promising. Mojang plans to make the virtual Minecraft world a bit more real.

The result was what many people referred to as “Minecraft GO”. Officially, Minecraft Earth was the one that mainly focused on playing with friends in your own apartment or outside.

Earth did not live long. It was officially released in December 2019 and will close on June 30, 2021. Why exactly?

To koniec Minecraft Earth

The game aroused moderate interest from the start. It allowed you to build with your phone, but while the concept sounds interesting on paper, practically no one has preferred to launch Earth on a regular computer or even a portable version. Microtransactions, general lack of promotion for the game, and ideas for posting it weren’t spoiled either.

Mojang wasn’t alone in struggling with it. Pokemon GO has a huge player base to this day, but hardly anyone knows that Niantic has brought to life a Harry Potter-based game in exactly the same agreement. HP Wizards Unite, like Minecraft Earth and Pokemon GO, use AR mode.

The official reason behind shutting down Minecraft Earth is a pandemic. As we read in the official statement, the game is built on the basis of relationships with friends, cooperation and exiting. Today it’s very difficult, and Mojang as a publisher doesn’t want to keep a project that simply doesn’t work.

Is it the same for Pokemon GO? Niantic has been very quick to react to the current situation and has changed some major things. The Minecraft Earth team is only doing it now – thanks to a recent update. Among other things, micropayments are removed, the wording system modified and special reinforcements added.

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