December 17, 2021, 21:09

In the stores, you can finally get a boxed version of GTA: The Trilogy ?? Final Edition. However, there is still controversy behind Rockstar, because a game purchased for XOne can be upgraded to the XSX version | Custom S and PS4 versions for PS5 version ?? number.

spit Controversial the first show GTA: Trilogy?? Ultimate Edition even after series of modifications And the release of the long-awaited chest version of the game. Well, the latter contributed to another increase in discontent among Rockstar fans ?? This time mainly those who have PlayStation 4. It turns out that Game bought for a whole day?? We will work on PS5, but only for backward compatibility, not in the version for the latest Sony console.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition with Upgrades Policy Bell for PS5 and Xbox Series X |  S - Illustration No. 1

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Internet users ?? Including a Twitter user with a pseudonym Ben Turpin (videotech_) ?? See it as a big problem The competition does not have a similar situation. Thanks to Smart Delivery, the release GTA: Trilogy?? Ultimate Edition Dedicated to XOne, we will install and play it successfully on Xbox Series X and S ?? As if it were aimed at them.

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The indignation of PlayStation owners is not surprising for obvious reasons, but it does seem a bit exaggerated. editions GTA: Trilogy?? Ultimate Edition Dedicated to 9th generation consoles Because they do not offer?? At least for now?? There are no specific improvements; The difference in their performance simply depends on the power of the equipment on which they will be operated. In addition, it cannot be excluded that if the Grove Street Games studio responsible for the reproductions carried out some ??? Upgrades to PS5 and XSX versions | S of the game, owners of the game for a full four ?? They will also get the required upgrade.

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