June has just begun, and Xbox has already flooded us with interesting news. First, a brand new console was announced to be part of the celebration of Duma month (you can see it here). Secondly, Microsoft’s current and previous generation consoles have very exciting updates that are definitely worth remembering!

However, the most important thing in all this is the games, because the consoles themselves would be nothing without them. This will happen next week Some interesting products will appear in the Microsoft StoreWhich is definitely worth seeing. The Xbox team has prepared a list for us, which you can check out below using the trailers. Here’s the full list for the first time!

  • True Fear: Lost Souls – Part Two (June 6)

  • Far Space Lines (7 June) *

  • SpellForce 3: Reforced (June 7)

  • Super Impossible Road (7 June)

  • Space Wars (8 June)

  • Square Keeper (8 June)

  • Freshly Frosted (June 10)

  • Pro Gymnast Simulator (June 10)

Did you find something specific in your eye? Of course – due to the somewhat “weak” period of the year – We’re currently in season for smaller itemsAnd we have to wait a little longer to get the best AAA results. This does not mean, however, that there is a shortage of good titles to check. I am convinced that everyone will find something for themselves here!

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