Microsoft has tweeted Fake ad For a pretend holiday album called Microsoft Vacation Visits, Which is a bogus four-CD album claiming to contain “60 festive favorites.” I want to repeat that This is not a real owl – But the company actually made an effort to record tales from Microsoft’s themed versions of classic Christmas carols anyway for lols. I love puns, dad’s humor, and terrible jokes, but I even groaned at some of what Microsoft did here.

Here are the words of one hymn to admire:

Joy for the word / spell check

I fixed all of my things

Or how about this classic? I look forward to hearing the collective sighs of despair online:

Please mute you cheerful gentlemen / You are speaking very loudly

We’re trying to hold a meeting / You shout in a crowd

But the worst offender is “Bingle Bells,” which somehow got stuck in my head:

Bingle Bells, Bingle Bells / Bing go all the way

What fun surfing the World Wide Web today, hey

I have to give Microsoft some credit for some fictional song titles. “Decorating the halls with ’90s artworks” sounds like a great holiday theme. Windows Wonderland is really smart. “Let her Segoe! Let her Segoe! Let her Segoe!” It made me do the thing where you breathe quickly through your nose when you read something funny on the Internet. And the entire video is presented in old fashioned Christmas themed commercial, which is mesmerizing.

You should only see A minute and fifteen seconds ad For this fake album for yourself:

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Microsoft has been in for something of a lightning ad campaign this year. The company sold MS Paint and the ugly Windows themed jackets are online, but as of this writing, It has been sold. An Xbox commercial from early this week, which I have to point out was a short film produced by Motorcycle rental Director Taika Waititi, Master Chief appeared as a cat DJ. View another canine holiday announcement Fun in Hello, Maine CraftAnd and Flight simulator.

You can definitely say Microsoft’s ads are unforgettable, and I think that’s the point.