Bethesda has not satisfied Microsoft’s hunger and Redmond is preparing for more acquisitions. If all goes well for the Xbox brand product, we’ll hear about the new bands in the Phil Spencer family at E3.

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase showcases a number of games targeting Xbox Game PassBut Microsoft is not hiding that it wants to take on more studies. The company may surprise this weekend and offer the next company to join Xbox Game Studios.

Jes Corden of Windows Central confirmed this I’ve heard “very good” rumors that Microsoft is planning to secure multiple IP addresses so the products move to Xbox Game Pass during its premiere days. These will not be great items from the AAA division, but in the service of the American company there may be other very interesting proposals that are difficult to ignore.

As mentioned by a well-known journalist Microsoft may also buy more studios (one or two) and there is a possibility that the team will be shown at E3 2021. Jez Corden noted that these aren’t teams like Rockstar and CD Projekt RED, but something “on the level” of Double Fine Productions and Inxile Entertainment. The journalist has not yet provided details because he is waiting for the final evidence to be collected – he has now received information from sources he trusts.

In a subsequent message, the editor asserted that while there was no “conclusive evidence” yet, he had heard of the information he had decided to share. It should be noted that he was the first to give the Xbox Series X specifications | S, revealed Xbox Series S and Mention of Microsoft’s Interactive IO Project.

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