for the first time Crossfire X On Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles it is unsuccessful. Sooro “Mr Boo” Boo, Creative Director of Studio Smilegate, has apologized for the problems with the game’s premiere.

The creators decided that the players Crossfire X You should get more than just a list of planned changes. Therefore, in The game’s official website There is an entry in it Poe admitted that there was no excuse for such a disastrous state of production:

There are always bugs and other shortcomings in video games, but we feel the current problems Crossfire X They are at the heart of the game, and we feel as if we have betrayed our players’ trust. There is no justification [dla niedopracowania CrossfireX – przyp. autora].

Developers have already started to fix Crossfire X. Still on premiere day Removal Problem connecting to servers in a multiplayer game.

Sooro Boo also mentioned three items the developers are currently working on. It is located around:

However, the entry does not mention any problems accessing story campaign As part of the Xbox Game Pass service.

At the same time, Bo assured that the developers will do their best to restore the players’ trust. Looking at the few but Very negative reviews (We see Metacritic), the Smilegate team has a lot of work to do.

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