The former first lady argued that the president wanted Americans to “completely withdraw” from the competition. She indicated that his flowery style during the presidential debate on Tuesday was designed to achieve that effect.

During the charged debate in Cleveland, Ohio, Trump repeatedly boycotted Biden and insulted his son.

In return, the Democratic candidate asked Mr. Trump to “shut up” and described him as a “clown”.

“If the president’s behavior stopped you last night, I feel you. Trust me, I do,” said Mrs. Obama, as she posted on Instagram.

“But we can’t let him win by totally tuning him in. That’s what he wants.

So turn those feelings into actions – turn them into voices for my friend Joe Biden.

It is the only way out of this chaos and restore some stability to the country. “

During Tuesday’s debate, Trump and Biden clashed over the coronavirus, the economy, law and order, among other issues.

The two men had a particularly bitter debate at the Supreme Court, as the president tries to appoint a replacement for Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died earlier this month.

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At the end of the Supreme Court debate, Mr. Biden quipped, “This was really a productive sector, wasn’t it?”

Referring to Mr. Trump, he added, “Keep yappin, man.”

In her Instagram post, Mrs. Obama urged Americans to contact friends and family and encourage them to vote.

She wrote, “You can start communicating with everyone you know. Make sure to register them.”

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Make sure they know how and when they will vote.

Then follow up with them every day to make sure they cast their vote.

“Because in this election, we have to vote for Joe in undeniable numbers.”

Mr. Trump has repeatedly claimed, without providing evidence, that the elections are rigged via postal ballots.

As a result, he refused to guarantee that he would accept the result.

Biden is the favorite to win the tough November elections.