Bruce Durham, psychologist and body language expert, spoke about how the Duchess of Sussex’s choice of shoes was inappropriate for the terrain at Los Angeles National Cemetery. He also noted that the trip meant more to Harry because of his military service, and that Megan did her best to support her husband during the emotional moment. The couple has been criticized for hiring a private photographer for the event, leading some experts to denounce the service as a “public relations stunt”.

Durham told the Daily Mirror that Meghan was making a “tremendous amount of effort” to appear in the cemetery with Harry because of her thin heel.

“If you look at the photo if you look at the two standing in front of the wreath – just look how thinner Meghan’s heel is.

“ Then switch to their pics in the middle of a huge grassy field – you know the fact that these high-heeled shoes will cause havoc the moment you step on the grass, so she killed herself trying to get to that position so far in the field for that shot. (…) .)

“You simply can’t go in the middle of a grassy field without these high-heeled shoes on the lawn, as every other woman in the world knows – I put in a great deal of effort to get this picture – just look at how much grass I covered to get there “.

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Then the body language experts detailed how Harry was clearly affected by the moment, while Meghan was comforting and supportive.

Citing Harry’s furrowed forehead and curved head, he added: “This is a clear sign that a part of the brain called the hippocampus is busy here as he remembers his memories and emotional military experiences while looking at the graves – this is engraved on his face.

Compare this to Megan’s slight perplexity – she has no experience with it, so, of course, she views this experience as unable to relate to her, which is why the head is tilted.

“She is more curious than in tune with the event. Again, this is not a negative. What a wife would feel most if she accompanied her military partner to such an event.”

Pictures of Harry and Meghan sparked controversy after it was revealed that they had hired Lee Morgan, the private photographer, to photograph the couple while they were respectful.

Piers Morgan, host of Good Morning Britain, led the attack against members of the Sussex royal family, often criticizing the photos.

On the GMB show, he said the photos showed the Los Angeles service was a “disgusting PR stunt” “stuck in an esophagus.”

Susanna Reed, co-host of the show, dismissed Morgan’s claim, adding: “Why doesn’t he want to show his respect when he has such a strong connection?”

Harry was reportedly asked to place a wreath of poppies at the memorial in his absence on Sunday.

But it was said that the court men of the royal family refused his request, as he was no longer a working monarch.

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The Duke was said to be “deeply saddened” by the disdain, in a report published in The Times that added that Queen Elizabeth II was not aware of her grandchildren’s request.

Harry served in the armed forces for 10 years, toured Afghanistan and rose to the rank of captain.