It’s the coolest thing to see today. Trans Voices is the UK’s first professional transgender and non-binary choir. The Guardian just published a short documentary about it. We recommend!

Trans Voices is the UK’s first professional transgender and non-binary choir. Its founders are Anil Sebastian and Coda Gallabo. A 14-minute documentary about their choir was published a few days ago by The Guardian.

Both Anil and Koda were formerly part of the group The Voices of London Contemporary sings contemporary choral music. As they say today However, all of them needed a space to express themselves beyond the gender divisions adopted in traditional choirs.. They created Trans Voices for these people.

They also remember today the event that prompted them to make this decision A performance at the London Union Chapel, where one performer, poet Reece Lions, was humiliated with a transphobic comment.


It is not only my pleasure. It is also an act of resistance

At the time, Anil and Coda had no doubts that there would be more people like them/them, and wanted to give their non-binary identities and voices the opportunity to express themselves through singing.

The Guardians filmmakers accompanied the choir in rehearsals for their first performancewhich took place in the same London temple. Each Trans Voices member had a different story behind them, but for each of them, the voice played a special role in coming to know their gay identity.


These cultural gender laws are also governed by music theory and phonology. I first experienced this traditional classification of sounds—soprano, tous, tenor, and bass—when I was six or seven years old. Then she sang in a children’s choir. I had a replacement, which changed as I began to mature – Little Koda.

The sound I make is closely related to me as a person. (…) It is my body that makes this sound, which is why I love this sound – Ella is happy.