Medway overtook Swale to score the highest Corona Virus Infection rate in Kent.

MidwayThe rate of 581.6 cases per 100,000 people is now the highest in the country as Christmas approaches

The region recorded 1,620 new cases in the week before 30 November, which means it has managed to overtake Soil, Which is now ranked second with a score of 567.7.

This news comes on the same day the military announced that it will set up three side testing centers for COVID in the region.

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Across the county, infection rates have unfortunately increased in every district except for Thanet, Gravesham, Dartford and Sevenoaks.

Eerily, six regions of Kent – Soil, Midway, Thanet, Griffsham, Maidstone and Dover – still rank in the top 10 performing regions in the entire country.

Current photo in Kent

The list was computed by the PA, based on data from Public Health England published December 4 on the government’s Coronavirus Dashboard.

Here is the full list. From left to right it reads: the name of the local authority; Rate of new cases in the seven days through November 30; Number (in parentheses) of new cases registered in the seven days through 30 November; Rate of new cases in the seven days through November 23; Number (in parentheses) of new cases registered in the seven days through November 23.

Areas specified in In bold Increments recorded week over week.

Midway, 581.6, (1620), 449.5, (1252)

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Swale, 567.7, (852), 561.7, (843)

Thanith, 443.9, (630), 469.3, (666)

MIDSTONE, 375.4, (645), 298.0, (512)

Griffsham, 366.6, (392), 393.7, (421)

Dover, 318.3, (376), 300.5, (355)

Dartford, 250.4, (282), 263.8, (297)

Canterbury, 249.7, (413), 225.5, (373)

Tonbridge & Molling, 229.3, (303), 195.2, (258)

Folkestone & Heath, 215.9, (244), 187.6, (212)

Ashford, 184.6, (240), 130.7, (170)

Seven Oaks, 130.8, (158), 130.8, (158)

Tunbridge Wells, 115.4, (137) 86.8, (103)

The Army is setting up three rapid test centers on Midway

The news comes that Medway has become the most affected area in the country as the military is being called in to establish “ three COVID-side flow testing centers ” in Medway towns.

The Joint Military Command (Southeast) announced that 175 members of the armed forces have been resettled in Midway cities.

Soldiers will know a Medway Resilience Unit (MRU) as they finish their training prior to conducting a rapid Point of Care Test.

Kent County Council Public Health Director Andrew Scott Clark previously said the Army would be recruited to assist with testing due to a Level 3 Kent status.

Speaking on 27 November, Mr. Scott Clarke said: “The Army will work alongside us, as it does in all major incidents.

“We have a planning group here with us for a week and have applied to the central government for more of the resources we need to do the work.

It will be a huge logistical problem that we will have to work through with the support of the military and the central government.

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A soldier from the Resilience Unit at Midway displays a test smear

The Commander of the Southeastern Joint Military Command said: “We are pleased to announce that the Armed Forces, as part of our contribution to the UK’s war against Covid-19, will support Medway Council leadership in delivering community-based testing in several locations across Midway cities.

“Our planning team from various armed forces has participated in the initial setup of Medway’s community targeted testing program over the past few days.”

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