The end of the Formula One season is near, which will determine the world champion. Before the Abu Dhabi World Grand Prix, Max Verstappen decided to point out inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the jury. Is this how the Dutchman tries to influence any decisions at the Yas Marina Circuit?

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Max Verstappen

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The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday will choose the world champion. Currently, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have the same number of points, which means a lot of excitement at Yas Marina. We had a first impression of them last weekend, when the Dutch and the British clashed several times on the track. There was a connection between them when the Red Bull Racing driver tried to give up the position for Hamilton.

Verstappen finished the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix with many penalties – on the occasion of one of the restarts, he had to give up the starting position to Hamilton for overtaking the track, then received a 5-second penalty for another maneuver of this type and not give up the position to the competitor, and in the end he added Referees 10 seconds to score. for the “inconsistent braking” that led to a collision on lap 38.

Ahead of the next F1 race, the 24-year-old drew attention to the inconsistency in the stewards’ actions. The Red Bull driver remembers similarly defending his position against Hamilton in the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, with both falling to the side of the road. At the time, the judges did not even deal with the incident.

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“Everything was fine in Brazil, and now I’m suddenly fined for that,” Verstappen said, citing

– I braked late, drove long distances, but he also missed the turn. We ended up on the side of the road and I don’t think that’s fair. I got the penalty kick and it’s the same, but… I find it fun. Why am I the only one getting a penalty when we both go off the track? Verstappen added.

According to the Red Bull driver, it is “a shame” that the judges’ decisions have once again overshadowed the presentation that the drivers devised at the Jeddah track last weekend. Earlier, Verstappen suggested that current F1 is “more about punishment than pursuit”.

– In Saudi Arabia we missed the corner kick and I got the penalty. However, I won’t waste any more time on this. We must move on. We have the same number of points and that’s exciting considering the situation in the tournament. However, it is sad that in Formula 1 we talk more about the white lines and penalties than about the competition on the track – summed up by the representative of the Red Bulls.

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