Instagram can make it difficult for small breweries to advertise their products using this site. Why do product images disappear from the site? Nobody wants to answer.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been to As a result of the incorrect operation of the content evaluation algorithms on the Instagram platform, the content disappears according to the applicable community rules. The problem is particularly relevant in the situation in which British breweries have found themselves. As a result of epidemic restrictions, they were forced to transfer trade in their products, incl. to the Internet. When they face restrictions there as well, their situation becomes very difficult.

Instagram threatens to ban beer photos. Breweries too!

The creators of Instagram, in order to protect themselves from spreading on the site, have made provisions that are appropriate to the Community Standards. One of them was the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages. It is forbidden to post pictures of alcohol, with some fairly broad exceptions. The first relates to private photos taken, for example, during parties or social gatherings. Secondly – Professional entities involved in the production and sale of alcohol. Breweries belong to this group.

However, everything indicates that the Instagram algorithm is not efficient enough to distinguish photos uploaded by breweries. About The photos disappear and in their place there are threats to delete the accountSeveral British breweries, incl. Northern Monk, Seven Bro7hers, and Verdant Brewing Company.

The situation would be different if it was possible to solve the problem with the service and restore the deleted photos. The problem is Nobody on the other side wants to talk to the injured businessmen. As representatives of The Verdant Brewing Company and Seven Bro7hers point out, they have taken Attempts to contact the service, however, yielded no results.

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There is no answer

The editors of The Independent approached Meta directly to intervene in the case of damaged breweries, which also accurately described Existing problem. It was also reminded that this is not the first such situation when Instagram’s algorithms misinterpret posted content and bears consequences for users who act in accordance with the Community Standards.
All that remains is sympathy for the injured businessmen, who have not had a moment of respite lately. As practice shows, running a business on the Internet is not easy. Especially when there is a large company on the other side of the dispute.

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