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Matura 2021 soon. In early May, high school students will take maturity exams. One of the compulsory subjects is Polish. Reading knowledge is required to pass the exam. Before the exam, it is worth remembering what it is about. For this purpose, films can be selected. Here is a list of suggestions worth seeing before graduation.

Matura 2021 It will start on May 4th. On the first day, high school graduates will sit down to write the Polish language exam. Passing the test does not only depend on knowledge of grammar and writing skills. Reading is one of the most important things. Students read books and search for detailed summaries up to the last minute. You can also select movies. There are many productions in Polish films that will help high school graduates prepare for the most important exam of their lives. We have prepared a list of films that will remind you of the most important readings. It is worth seeing them, for example, during the weekend in May.

Mr. Tadeus

Pan Tadeusz is a movie from 1999. Andrzej Wajda was responsible for directing it. One of the most popular films based on the obligatory reading is the film based on the Polish national saga. The movie features stars such as Micha owsebrowski, Bogusław Linda, Daniel Olbrychski, Grażyna Szapołowska, and Andrzej Seweryn.


Film adaptation of the novel Bolesław Prus. Founded in 1968. The most important reading is the story of Stanislav Wokolsky and his love for Isabella Oka. The production includes Marius Dmushowski, Peta Tiszkewitz, Alexander Vogel, Halena Koyatkovsky, and many more.


The 1974 Jerzy Hoffman film was based on the famous novel by Henrik Senkewitz. The events of the film take place during the Swedish Flood in the Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth. The main roles are played by Daniel Olbrichki, Majorzata Bronik, Tadeusz Omnicki and Kazimierz Fitchniars. The film was nominated for an Academy Award.


Zemsta is one of the favorite readings of Polish students. The rivalry between Cześnik and Rejent and the feeling between Clara and Wacław was amusing for Polish youth. They will definitely love the adaptation, too. The movie was shot in 2002 thanks to Andrzej Wajda. They include Janusz Gagus, Andre Seurin, Agata Buzek, Cesare Shack, and Katarzina Figura.

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Jerzy Skolimowski created a movie based on one of his most intricate readings. Ferdydurke is a co-production of Poland, Great Britain and France. Both Polish and foreign actors have appeared in the cast. The premiere took place in 1991.