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May 15, 2021, 20:41

Despite a large number of positive reactions from Steam users, the Mass Effect remaster will receive a large amount of criticism from the players. Fans of the legendary version point out translation problems and technical flaws.

Yesterday, it was the premiere of the long-awaited game from the cult trilogy Mass effect Carrying the subtitle The Legendary Edition. First Reviews of Critics Good-bye Very positive and noted one of the best daylight transformers ever. The spell is broken when your opinions start Exhibitions Players who have a copy of the game on Steam.

Currently, out of 2,202 reviews, 80% are positive, but right after the official premiere, the game card can show a mixed average score. Polish Steam users didn’t just start throwing their thumbs up at the whistle blowing site. This defect It will also anger players who speak Chinese and Russian. More on the issues in the Polish Legendary Edition we wrote yesterday.

Moderate acceptance

The premiere of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition was not without controversy.

However, even the positive reviews are not overly optimistic. Many players who are satisfied with the level of the Shepard Triple Reshape highlight several issues with the technical aspect of production. One of the most common claims is I felt like a mouse at first Mass effectWhich many players find difficult to master and calibrate. Fans of the series also complain that e The promised graphic fixes don’t look very good on modern devicesAnd, in older components, there’s a drop in frames per second, and in extreme cases, the header shuts down on its own.

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The Legendary Edition In the first game only it adds the option to enable or disable anti-aliasing and surround close. Reviewers are disappointed that there are no other laws, especially those affecting the field of vision. The words of criticism have also been directed at owners of ultra-high-definition screens, because despite the fact that the gameplay in all three games has been adapted to the 21: 9 format, it has been omitted. Scenes that still run in 16: 9.

Despite all these negatives and problems, EA has no reason to complain when it comes to selling the title. in this time I: Legendary Edition At the top of the bestsellers worldwide steam. The Shepard remister arrives the day before the official premiere He deposed the throne The former leader of this arrangement Resident Evil Village. In addition, at the moment it is in production Game At the same time more than 50 thousand people.