For all you Netflix Marvel fans, I have sad news. Daredevil and Co. are disappearing. From the platform since March.

These are the last moments of superheroes on Netflix. Everything indicates that the Marvel series, which is very popular, will be pulled from the platform.

The Defenders are leaving Netflix

The most popular series platform by far boasts a fairly large selection of comic heroes. Characters who didn’t get to appear often in Marvel Cinematic Universes had the opportunity to present themselves to a wider audience in the series.

Source: Netflix

According to what was reported by the magazine ForbesStarting March 1, users are receiving warning messages about all series being withdrawn from Netflix. This means that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Punisher will likely be ported to Marvel’s parent platform Disney+. The same goes for the crossover production of The Defenders, which deals with the joint adventures of these heroes. To check the information, I launched each specific series and, in fact, in the upper left corner of the screen, the following message is displayed: “This program is available until February 28”. Although I have to admit that you have to show some reactions, because it shows literally for a second.

For Netflix, losing the rights to broadcast the Marvel series is a huge loss. The situation is interesting because it was a Netflix Originals production. It is not known exactly whether we are dealing with an expired license or with a refund of rights to expand Disney+. However, Marvel fans will certainly be unsatisfied, especially since Disney + has not yet officially appeared in Poland.

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