Within 4 months, residents of Mława will be using a modern, spacious, disabled-friendly service room at ZUS. However, some difficulties await us during the renovation.

The investment includes demolishing most of the dividing walls on the ground floor of the building, which will free up space and allow for the creation of a new, spacious customer service room at the ZUS branch in Mawa. The changes will raise the usable area to 157.7 square metres. The hall will consist of one room, functionally divided into two parts. ZUS will organize waiting rooms and a children’s corner at the service offices. Sanitary facilities will be adapted to the needs of the disabled. At the entrance to the facility, there will be a general information and registration kiosk, as well as ticket machines that are part of the integrated traffic control system. The reconstruction also includes adapting the building to the existing fire protection systems, which will improve the fire safety of the building.

The renewal will take about 4 months. At that time, it will be possible to enter the customer service room from the right side of the building. Persons with disabilities will be accepted into the building through the lower entrance, where ZUS will install a special bell. The office apologizes in advance if, due to the renovation, a situation occurs where a large number of customers fill a limited service room, and individuals will have to wait for a while outside the building. ZUS and Security personnel will do their best to minimize any temporary inconvenience.

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Source: ZUS Regional Press Spokesperson for Mazowieckie County