RESTITUTIONS 2021 is, as in previous years, a space for creators seeking and implementing their projects in the field of innovative audio formats. The organizers aim to present the achievements of the performers surrendering to the literalism of their message, and to approach the world of sound as a space for dialogue, as a kind of invitation to expand their auditory experiences.

Friday 24 September 2021 (20.00)


Łukasz Kacperczyk. Deals with experimental electro-acoustic music. Appreciates space and restraint in building sounds. Its instrument is a modular compound. Half of the duet “Lukanto” (with Antonina Nowacka). He plays in a trilogy with Dominik Strychalski and Pawe Szpura. Member of the ensemble “Cukier” (Kasperek / Mełech / Kacperczyk). Together with Wojtek Kurek (drums) he created the duo “Paper Cuts”. It is the fourth member of the Standard Triad. He is active in the “Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra”. Together with Matthews Wisocky (“Fischer”) he records as “Bouchons d’Oreilles”

Vojtek Couric. Drummer, improviser, composer of compositions and music for performances. In his work, he uses tools such as: Arduino, Pure Data, Max Msp.

Peter Mitch. Clarinetist, improvised composer, refers to the widely understood tradition of jazz, European avant-garde, or ethnic music. He is also active in the field of electro-acoustic music. Participated in the creation of the following groups: “Warsaw Improvisedhordes Orchestra”, “Quartet”, “Polsky Biach”, “Coker”, “Zigon’s Vanvara Avantura”, “Milish”, “Meyers-I-Oz”. He participated in the release of more than 20 albums. Collaborated with, among others: Michael Zerang, Fred Lüneberg-Hulme, Mark Feldman, Tadeusz Sudnik, Michislav Litwinsky, Ksawiri Wojczynski, Patrick Zakruki, Jacek Mazurkevich, Vasko Trela, Marcin Albert Stichkowski, Jacek Paul. He performed a series of improvised concerts “TrioloweRozłady Yazzdy” and “One to One”. “One of the founders of the Ring Breathing Festival.”

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Paweł Doskocz. Guitar, often ready. Using the preparation, he searches for new color possibilities of the instrument. Focuses on playing improvised music, he draws inspiration from many sources. He co-founded “Bachorze”, “Strętwa” and “Sumpf”. To date, he has had the opportunity to play with many musicians from Poland and around the world, playing at festivals dedicated to experimental and improvised music. Co-author of several albums. Co-organizer of the “Spontaneous Music Festival” and co-author of the “Spontaneous Music Radio” program on Radio Capita.

Saturday 25.09.2021 (20.00)

Kemut Kesem: Hello Mr. Shld me!
Damen Jar / Oruro: Walking on an undrawn line

Kemut Qaisim (owned by Thomas Misiac). Singer of experimental music and lover of radio noise. Co-founder of the music group “KALeKA”, which no longer exists. Currently ½ from the duo “Radio Noise Duo” and “Antenna Non Grata”, as well as the author of the radio programs “Muzyka Nieuczesana”. In his research, he tracks the possibilities of noise, vibration, and repetition.

damn jar. He practices electronic music using drum machines, and chaos-generating effects and compositions. Previously, he produced pieces on a computer, with guitars and microphones (like Hell Soup). He is willing to cooperate. Hau is part-time from Barlink and currently resides in Berlin.

Uroruro will also appear in RestitutionsIt is as follows:
Following the example of imaginary planets such as the group’s namesake gong or the French magma formation dome, he created his own planets by controlling silent bridges at the number one hundred and two and recently became a cursed cleaver who died in your hands. Later, the activity of the Dodecaphony of the White Republic is manifested in the sphere of performance, poetry and voice, and the motto of the work is the incomprehensible sentence “ala ra fo ra ba”, which may mean every now and then something else hangs, and is clamped while the tape remains in horror, complaining to the chisel in The nose is from itself. It contradicts itself does not come out.”

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