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It was a time when fans of different clubs quarreled a lot about who was the best, just for the teams involved to play against each of them and provide them with the answer. It was the Halkiion days, before heat maps, predicted goals and green rectangles adorned with numbers, arrows and circles, meaning their lack of them meant that people were somewhat happy using both the scoreboard and their eyes guide to assess which of the two teams they were watching was better.

Of course, that was then and this now, and the debate rages on about which team is better Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur Long after the final whistle was blown, a daily soccer email could be forgiven for asking why two teams had bothered playing each other at all. After all, what is the point in two groups of players turning toes on the field of play if that only causes debate, rather than decisively, about which of them excels?

Like many disagreements before that, this was due to comments made by Jose Mourinho, specifically his post-match claim. That “the best team has lost”. It is a false view that arguably greeted Liverpool fans with a stroke after the match on their social media accounts disgraceful on Twitter, despite the not-so-subtle way in which they usually receive any opinions that could be considered critical of their team or his team. Glorious Leader. In stark contrast, Tottenham fans were quick to endorse their manager’s opinion, stating that despite having 0.00000001% of the possession, their team created more visible chances and would have won comfortably if: a) they scored more than one goal; B) He has not been a victim of a misfortune. And c) the trouble of keeping tabs on Bobby Firmino for that late corner.

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Valid points on both sides of this complex debate So, The Fiver is sure you will agree. It’s an argument that looks like it will continue tediously until the end of the season. And if one of these teams continues, as seems likely, to win the title, then only we will know which one is the best. Except we won’t know, because if the Wednesday night internet craze didn’t show us anything else, we have now reached a point of silliness where teams try to decide to outrun the soccer field is just a prelude to a series of inappropriate things. Quarrels elsewhere.

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“Leo Messi loves Barcelona, ​​and I think he will consider the proposal made by the new Barcelona president … It’s not about money, it wasn’t like that; if that was the case, he would have made very different decisions throughout his career. We have worked hard to continue that beautiful story.” : Messi and Barcelona “- Joan Laporta, standing again to become president of Barcelona, Says Mr Lowe About his vision for the club.

The man himself.
The man himself. Photo: Juan Medina / Reuters

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“Big Sam got the ultimate West Brom job (yesterday’s Pfeiffer). A kick in swingers might be a better birthday gift.” – JJ Zucal.

“I suspect Paul Sheppard’s hero, Paul Molden (Yesterday’s Fiver Messages) will now bring every hungry Bolton citizen with a homemade Bournemouth face mask expecting a free fish dinner (or since he’s Bolton, free John Paul, potato chips and curry sauce). Newcastle will cost him dearly. ”- John Miles.

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It was Edinson Cavani On charges of misconduct By the Football Association for using the word “Negrito” in some social media is a disgrace and he can be banned for three matches if found guilty.

David Elleray believes the benefits of VAR outweigh its problems. Football is clearly more fair, but it is also clear [it] Had an effect on the course of the game. ” whistling.

Bad news for Jürgen Klopp and his teammates: Premier League clubs voted Against the proposal to allow five alternatives, Despite the increase in the permitted number on the bench to nine.

Arsenal fans will undoubtedly be pleased to hear that Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has resolved all the club’s problems in the wake of his ten-man draw with Southampton. “We have to keep calm and try to be smarter,” Advised“He tried to stay with 11 on the field.”

Barcelona came from behind to defeat La Liga leaders Real Sociedad and Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty – it all started in Our Euro Tour.

And $ tevie Mbe examines the remnants of the Pope Newc O’Rangers unbeaten series of 27 matches, having been knocked out of the CIS Insurance Cup by St Mirren. “You have two options. Either you let it drag on and feel sorry for yourself, or you can act the right way.” “Stand up and count.”

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A choppy spotlight shot in Paisley.
A choppy spotlight shot in Paisley. Photography: Stuart Wallace / BPI / Rex / Shutterstock

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David Hettner on The three sConcern, Aubameyang and Arsenal.

Gabriel prepares to see red.
Gabriel prepares to see red. Photography: Stuart MacFarlane / Arsenal / Getty Images

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