Kara chooses the moment Phillips “won the match” against West Ham

Nat Phillips did not inflict any damage on his prospects with Liverpool with his first Premier League appearance against West Ham United.

The center-back has been recruited to Jurgen Klopp’s side for Saturday night’s clash at Anfield.

Former reds player Jimmy Carragher named him the star of Sky Sports.

He said:

“There was a lot of talk about this game about who would be participating.

“He mentioned that the manager told him to prepare for Saturday, so he knew, there was going to be a talk in the press.

When you talk about Fabinho leaving and Gomez’s presence, but what they lack is dominance in the air, and when you play against teams – not a big team – but most teams in the league will look for fixed balls and direct balls, a cross into the penalty area, second balls and Liverpool have not dealt with It was against Sheffield United at all, and that’s what caused them big problems.

“But today, to be the leader, be the leader in the back and make sure you get your head up, because usually it’s Van Dyck.

“ Yes, it’s the same size, but sometimes it’s not just about size in the vital moments in set pieces, I’ve been there myself and sometimes you think you have to think about that.

He found himself in close range (for vertical clearance at the last minute), the header was vital and Liverpool really won the match.

“If he doesn’t get it, who knows what happens? West Ham is a really big team, so I love the maturity it shows.”

“Joe Gomez, he’s clearly not great on goal, but he’s been way better in the air than he was against Sheffield United.”

Former Liverpool center-back Jimmy Carragher Photo credit: Peter Powell / Pool via Getty Images