Pierre-Higgs Herbert and Nicholas Mahut won the ATP Finals in doubles for the second time in their careers. In the final of this year’s edition, the French defeated Rajiv Rama and Joe Salisbury, avenging the American-British duo after their defeat in the group stage.

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Nicolas Mahut and Pierre Hugues Herbert, champions of the 2021 ATP Finals in doubles

PAP / EPA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO / Pictured: Nicholas Mahut and Pierre-Hug Herbert, champions of the 2021 ATP finals in doubles

On Wednesday, in the group stage of the 2021 ATP Finals, Rajiv Ram and Joe Salisbury defeated Pierre Hughes Herbert and Nicholas Mahut 6:7 (7), 6-0, 13-11. On Sunday, both pairs faced each other again, with the title on the line. This time the French were better, winning 6:4, 7:6 (0).

Herbert and Mahut immediately imposed their own terms on their rivals and quickly gained the advantage. Already in the third inning they broke the pass of Salisbury and led 2: 1. On the other hand, they were impeccable in their positions, as a result of which they won the first set 6: 4.

There were no breaks at the second end, although the French had their chances in the first stage. There was a break in the tie as Herbert and Mahut left their opponents without illusions.

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Already at the first point of the tie-breaker after Mahut’s brilliant comeback, the French scored a short break. After a perfect start, they sped more, won more actions and came out 6-0, giving them six games. They actually used the first one when he served Herbert Ace.

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The session lasted 91 minutes. During this time, Herbert and Mahut sent nine aces, never having to defend themselves against a tiebreak once, and used one of their seven break points and scored 74 points in total, 23 more than their opponents.

For Herbert and Mahut, this is their second ATP Finals victory. Previously, they won the title in the 2019 season. To win this year’s edition, they will get 1,300 ATP ranking points and 396,000 points. Cash reward in dollars.

On the other hand, Ram and Salisbury played together for the first time for the trophy in the ATP Finals. The Americans and the British will leave Turin richer with 1,000 points and 265 thousand. dollar.

ATP Finals, Turin (Italy)
Tour Finals, Indoor Hard Court, $7,250 Million Prize Pool
Sunday November 21

My husband is final:

Pierre-Hugh Herbert (France, 3) / Nicolas Mahut (France, 3) – Rajiv Ram (US, 2) / Joe Salisbury (UK, 2) 6-4, 7-6 (0)

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