The head of Białystok, Tadeusz Truskolaski, delivered a letter to parents, children and teachers of Primary School No. 4 and PS No. 14. Concerning doubts about the organizational connection of these institutions in the school and kindergarten complex No. 7.

Dear parents, students, teachers and representatives of the Belarusian community in Bialystok,

Biaystok has been supporting the Belarusian community for many years and fulfilling its need to learn the Belarusian language. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the public space regarding the establishment of the school and kindergarten complex No. 7. So I would like to make it clear that the creation of this team, through the organizational merging of Local Government Kindergarten No 14 and Primary School No. 4, will give our city and Belarusian society a strong exemplary facility To teach the Belarusian language.

There is no doubt about any liquidation of kindergarten or school or resignation from lessons in Belarusian. I guarantee that the status of the Belarusian language in PS No. 14 and Primary School No. 4 will not change after their integration into a team.

The new team will teach children from kindergarten through primary school. The proposed solution also guarantees further education in Primary School No. 4 for children after completing PS 14, regardless of where they live in Białystok.

The priority for all of us is the well-being of children. Therefore, I assure you that organizational change does not in any way affect their learning. After the kindergarten and school merge, classes will be conducted by the same teachers, and they will be held in the same classrooms. The Belarusian language and the Belarusian language will be learned on the same principles as before. Both facilities will be located in the same buildings.

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In the interest of the new residents, Belarusian citizens who settled in Białystok due to the situation in their country, we sent a letter to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on February 8, 2022. We ask for assistance in solving official, legal and financial problems related to learning the Belarusian language for children who are not Polish citizens. The applicable legal provisions are not adapted to the current situation.

Ladies and gentlemen, Belarusian society has always been and will always be an integral part of our local community. I assure you that I, as President of Bialystok, will make sure that things remain that way.

Mayor of Bialystok

Tadeusz Truskolski