Citroën XM Tissier six-wheeler in merchandise version is put up for sale on a Dutch classifieds site. The car is equipped with a robust and reliable 110 hp 2.1 TD diesel engine and the equipment is rather modest, but it is very rare in the used car market.

Tissier has built its cars on the basis of Citron since the inception of the DS. In the case of the XM, various body types have been created, including ambulances. In Citroën’s fan community, even the perfect end of life is joked that an ambulance and then an XM-based ambulance. Tissier made six-wheeled cars. The addition of the third axis increased transport capacity and allowed assembly of larger objects.

We see: Citroën XM 2.1TD – a car worth one billion zlotys. Polish test from 1993.

The presented version was likely built in 1994, but the interior indicates that it was based on the model from 1989-1992. This is indicated by the single-arm steering wheel and cockpit shape. Equipment is modest and basic and there is even no air conditioning. 2.1 TD motor is connected to a five-gear manual gearbox. Unfortunately, the interior is a little tired and will require a renewal or replacement of the patient with one in better condition. Externally, the car looks very good and looks pretty.

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An interesting fact is the method of fastening the rear – elements from the regular Citroen XM were used here, and not the splitter version (station wagon). There is a large empty cargo space inside.

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This is very adaptable.

Ad is located On the Maarktplats website. Dinner – Bagatella – 22,500 euros.

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