Leona Lewis is looking forward to the holiday

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Leona Lewis is looking forward to the holiday

Leona Lewis plans to celebrate Christmas lavishly

The 36-year-old star, who was unable to fly from Los Angeles to London last year due to pandemic restrictions, and her husband, Dennis Gauch, have said they will and will spend Christmas with loved ones in the UK this year. Try to make the most of it.

She said: “I will be spending Christmas this year in London with my family. We found that we should all be together this year and make the most of this time.”

“Some members of my family have not handled this situation well.”

“It has had a huge impact on them, as well as all of us, on our mental health and emotions. That is why this year we are doing everything we can to spend as much time together as possible.”

The creator of the hit song “Bleeding Love,” who re-released her 2013 album “Christmas, With Love” last month with two new songs, admitted that Christmas in 2020 was “the worst ever.”

In an interview with Bizarre, she said, “I love Christmas and look forward to spending time with my family. Last year we had the worst Christmas ever.”

“I haven’t seen my family in a year. We will all be together like many other people.”

“A year ago, for the first time, I did not spend Christmas with my family and my husband was not at home.”

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Despite the difficult holidays, Lena admitted that in 2020 she was developing her passion.

She said, “It has been a mixed year, and life is too short. Why limit ourselves and the dove?”

“This year I learned to follow what our passion is.”