The British Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WTSA), citing CNN, has reported that with few drivers delivering goods, UK stores may run out of wine before Christmas.

A warning signed by 48 members of the association was included in a letter sent to British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. “The situation is difficult. The government must do this,” he added [Wielkiej Brytanii] Immediate steps have been taken to alleviate the driver shortage crisis ahead of the festive season.”

54 percent of Britons drink alcohol once a week

“We are already seeing serious delays in the supply of wine and spirits, which are increasing their costs and reducing the range of products available in stores,” WSTA Director Myles Bell wrote in a statement. The association says importers of alcoholic beverages have to wait five times longer for delivery than last year.

The WTSA is calling on the government to extend the one-year visa programme, which allows people from outside the UK to work temporarily – CNN Reports. So far, the UK has spent 5,000. Temporary visas for foreign drivers, but according to the WSTA, the needs are much greater and go up to 100,000.

The case caused quite a stir. The UK government took the floor, saying it did not expect an outage in the alcohol supply this Christmas. According to a study by the British Parliament in 2019, 54 per cent of adults in England drink alcohol at least once a week.

The global supply chain crisis in this case overlapped with the effects of Brexit. As a result of Great Britain’s departure from the European Union, many workers left the country.

Alcohol distributors are concerned. They argue that liquor producers who have not sold off their stock cannot continue their production.

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