In June 2020, it was announced that Bella from “Twilight” had joined the cast of actresses to play the legendary Duchess in “Spencer”. Stewart’s casting for the title role met with a mixed reception, but many skeptics changed their minds after seeing the production’s first trailer. Kristen Stewart’s resemblance to Diana is astounding. A month before the premiere of the film, the actress gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly, in which she revealed how she feels about this important role.

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Spencer. Princess Diana movie trailer

Meghan Markle with Diana’s favorite bag. Its design contained a hidden message

Kristen Stewart about her role in “Spencer”

Kristen Stewart, who played Diana, did not have an easy task not only because the British duchess is still adored by crowds of people. The actress certainly wouldn’t escape comparison with critically acclaimed Emma Corinne on Season 4 of The Crown, which premiered in the fall of 2020. However, Stewart admitted that she herself was a fan of the show and that Corinne’s performance was fun for her. She also said that she watched the entire fourth season one evening.

Princess Kate, Princess DianaPrincess Kate paid tribute to Princess Diana. Their creations are strikingly similar

Stewart has also publicly admitted that she did not care much about the life of the Duchess before taking on the role of Diana. In 1997, when Kristen died, she was only seven years old and didn’t particularly live with it. However, she said that in her opinion, the fact that she was not involved in the life of the royal family made it easier for her to play Mrs. Dee:

I am not from Great Britain, nor have I been particularly involved in the life of the royal family. It was really a clean slate, which I can digest in a very instinctive way – Stewart revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Spencer. What is the date of the Polish premiere of the film?

“Spencer” is set to hit Polish cinemas on November 5, 2021. The production focuses on the period in the Duchess’s life after her decision to divorce Charles and leave the British royal family. In addition to Kristen Stewart, the cast also includes:

  • Jack Farthing as Prince Charles
  • Jack Neelen as Prince William
  • Freddy Spry as Prince Harry
  • Stella Junette as Queen Elizabeth II
  • Richard Samuel as Prince Philip
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