The Council of Young Scientists was established from the seventh session


September 24 this year. Przemysław Czarnek, Minister of Education and Science, appointed the Council of Young Scientists for the seventh term. It is an advisory body whose mission is to support the achievements of young researchers. The term of membership of the Council lasts two years. Igor Kilanovsky became the chairman of the board of directors.

Formation of the Council of Young Scientists from the seventh session

A person who meets the definition of a young scientist contained in the Higher Education and Science Act, and also has significant scientific achievements, can become a member of the Council of Young Scientists. The members of the commission represent various scientific disciplines.

The seventh session of the Council of Young Scientists includes:
represent the kingdom Humanities:

  • Dominica Bugno Narica,
  • Jacob Pro,
  • Tomas Ciucack

Represents the field of engineering and technical sciences:

  • Thomas Haddad,
  • Elijah Kazik Kocek,
  • Radoslav Kisinsky;

represent the kingdom Medical sciences and health sciences:

  • Monica Turkey,
  • Iona Solowska Dazek,
  • Adam Willigaga;

represent the kingdom Agricultural Sciences:

  • Grzegorz Smołucha,
  • Daria Budzynska,
  • Alexandra Donislavska;

represents the world social science:

  • Diana Dagnewicz Besica,
  • Arcadius Jasinsky,
  • Igor Kilanovsky,
  • Tomas Wicha

represents the world Exact and natural sciences:

  • Przemyslav Dibek,
  • Katarzyna Gwóźdź,
  • Mateusz Szatkowski;

represent the kingdom Theological Sciences:

Members of the Council of Young Scientists for the seventh session. The Minister of Education and Science appointed a president. It was Igor Kilanovsky.

Young Scientists Council

The Young Scientists Council is an advisory group that supports the career development of young scientists, in particular by:

  • identify barriers to the career development of young scientists;
  • Prepare opinions for the Minister on possible tools to support the career development of young scientists.
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Board meetings are not held more than once a month.


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