Van Hall has taken over the newly created position and will be responsible for establishing customer relationships and Brand New Galaxy synergies in the Western European region.

Kasia van Hall is an expert with twenty years of knowledge in the fields of marketing, advertising and e-commerce. He has diverse experience working with global brands such as Netflix, Phillips, Philip Morris International and Alrec. In his new position, he will use the knowledge gained from managing work and teams across Europe, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Hungary.

Brand New Galaxy has an office in Amsterdam

In February, Brand New Galaxy announced the opening of a new office in Amsterdam. It is to provide brands with specialized solutions – from automating e-commerce processes to creative production.

Through the decision to open a new site, Brand New Galaxy will consolidate its position in Western Europe, while providing customers in this region with better service and access to the tools that BNG has to offer.

As a result of Brexit, Amsterdam gained the title of the business capital of the continent, which influenced decisions to open another BNG headquarters there. The new holding company is located in the Oud Zuwayed area.

Brand New Galaxy is an independent holding company of marketing and technology agencies, founded in Warsaw in 2017. The company currently employs more than 500 employees and is headquartered in three continents. The holding is a member of MDC Global Affiliates.

Includes BNG: Pathfinder 23 – Your Ecommerce Agency; Life on mars – fashion and beauty production house; Spacecamp – digital agency; Synthrone – an e-commerce automation platform; Voyager – e-business agency, New Gravity – software house; Robonauts Pictures – production house specializing in e-commerce; Content26 – Amazon content and ads; Man on the Moon – Human Resources Agency, Brand New Galaxy MEA (Regional Office in Dubai) and Brand New Galaxy AMS.

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In 2019, BNG Group achieved 68.3% increase in sales revenue. To 60.31 million PLN, and its net result rose from a loss of 1.89 million PLN to a gain of 4.91 million PLN.