The Belgian ambassador to South Korea apologizes for his wife’s behavior. A woman hit her in the face during an altercation with a store aide. It was all about clothes.

A non-diplomatic incident occurred on April 9 at a clothing store in Seoul.

South Korean media published CCTV footage in the store. They show the wife of the Belgian ambassador, Peter Lesquher, punching a store assistant in the face.

It was about the clothes that Xiang Xueqiu was wearing. Store employees suspected the woman may have stolen them.

The media reported that the ambassador spent an hour trying to get dressed and then left the shop. A store aide ran after her. She wanted to check whether the clothes the ambassador was wearing – originally from this store – was her or it was taken from the fitting room. The 63-year-old went back to the store with the saleswoman and went with her to the back room. It was there that the second saleswoman who came to intervene was supposed to hit and push.

I didn’t know who the woman was, she was self-confident and not looking sorry– Claims saleswoman, reported by South Korean media.

The Belgian Embassy in Seoul said the ambassador regrets the incident and would like to apologize for his wife’s behavior. “Regardless of the circumstances, its behavior was unacceptable,” the facility said. The wife of the Belgian diplomat, 63, is hospitalized after suffering a stroke. The embassy ensures that the woman cooperates with the police as soon as her health condition permits.

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However, the South Korean media doubt that Xiang Xueqiu, fearing the consequences for his behavior, will use diplomatic immunity.

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