Good morning Britain Kate Garaway explained that the week has been especially difficult for her husband Derek Draper, who has been in intensive care after a terrible crisis. Corona Virus The fight returns in March.

Kate also had to deal with her beloved car, nicknamed Vicky Volvo, which was stolen from outside her London home.

But she said the reaction of supporters who offered to help was overwhelming at a “heartbreaking” time.

Her partner Lt. Col. Ben Sheppard explained, “The car was stolen and we are all angry and frustrated about it.”

Kate’s car was stolen and she found out that there was a bonus on the used cars

“But that’s not what we want to talk about, the thing that we want to talk about is the influx of support I’ve received from people, viewers and companies.

Kate, who said it was their first car as a family, said, “Oh, incredibly! So cute, so cute.

“It was a tough old week for Derek so I’m not dating anyone and haven’t settled it yet.

Derek, 53, has been in hospital since he contracted the deadly virus in March

“But it was so beautiful, that some viewers even offered to lend me their cars, which you clearly didn’t talk to Ben Sheppard!”

Ben, who was teasing Kate for her driving skills, joked, “Don’t do that!”

“Do not be mean!” And scolded him. “People were really affected.”

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Kate thanked the viewers, someone even offered her a free car

“ Honestly, I’m always in awe of how amazing all of this is, and it is this kind of generosity and kindness that will make us succeed.

After the sidewalks [Morgan] I mentioned my car was stolen last week, I was talking to the hospital and it happened with a nurse, she finished her shift, where Derek was, and she came back and got her car stolen.

“It must have just reached the end of its bond with burnout, and oddly enough, I now realize that there is a real bonus on used cars right now.

“There is a real bonus and people are stealing it. I know times are tough and people are turning to things they shouldn’t be doing, but honestly, that’s heartbreaking.

“It’s a break-in, it’s yours, and in the nurse’s case, there are people at the end of their rope.”

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