The creators of Kajko and Kokosz Na Plasterki provided the first gameplay footage of the upcoming adventure of two famous heroes. The developers focused on pre-alpha gameplay, which was probably not the best decision considering the quality of the game.

Developers usually choose not to publish pre-alpha content from their products, because the game might look a lot better in the end. Starving Pixels decided to introduce Kajko and Kokosz Na Plasterki in an early release and I’m not sure if it was a good decision, because although there is still plenty of time for the premiere, the title feels average.

The first opinions on the proposal are very mixed, because although some players praise Kajko and Kokosz Na Plasterki, there are also some critical comments:

“But poo, it was supposed to look like a comic book, not in three dimensions; (OK, that’s horrible. In the first picture of the game it looked completely different” – Uncle Samodobro

“It’s a lousy game.. but this game is about 20 years old” – Kret3371

“It will be mayonnaise jet” – KIKO CAT

“Super mechanic with bones!” – Kasper

It is also worth taking a look at the description of the movie Kajko i Kokosz Na Plasterki, because it tells us so The title will already go to five platforms (PS5, PS4, XSX|S, XOne, and PC) and is set to premiere in 2023. The developers focus on co-op for up to four people or single player play.

“Kajko i Kokosz Na Plasterki will be a Hack’n’slash RPG, in which special emphasis will be placed on the plot created for us by Maciek Kur himself – author of Kajka and Kokosz’s new adventures, as well as a screenwriter for the Netflix platform.”

The developers also confirm that the gameplay of Kajko and Kokosz Na Plasterki will be based on the Earthdawn paper RPG system – Each character is represented by a classic trait, and those interested must roll the dice before the action.

“The player will be able to take on the role of Kokosz, Kajka, Mirmiel, Wojtek Wit, Łamignat or Jaga, choosing one of the fifteen available disciplines, including: warrior, wizard, archer or troubadour. Character development will not be limited to one path, and using a special talent – Versatility, the player will be able to combine, for example, a warrior and the powers of a magician.

Kajko i Kokosz Na Slasterki will introduce an “advanced combat system” that forces players to make tactical choices.