Democrat Joe Biden won Michigan state with her electoral vote of 16, dismantling the wall of Donald Trump’s support for the rust belt he helped take over the presidency four years ago.

The switch from red to blue was a huge blow to Trump, who sent his victories in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in 2016 to the White House.

Biden’s victory in Michigan propelled 264 Electoral College votes, six fewer than the 270 needed to win the White House.

Trump received 214 electoral votes. Nevada, which received six electoral votes, is among the states that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has yet to win in 2016.

Biden’s campaign focused particularly on appealing to black Detroit voters, who failed to appear before Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton with the numbers Barack Obama received during his presidential bid.

Despite needing to win Michigan, Trump made frequent heavy blows on Democratic state governor Gretchen Whitmer, who was A target of an alleged kidnapping plot that has been foiled by federal law enforcement.

Chants of “Lock it up!” Echoing towards Whitmire in the Trump crowdOn Twitter, he criticized the governor for her cautious approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit Wednesday afternoon seeking to stop the vote count in Michigan so that representatives can monitor the process.

Campaign director Bill Stephen claimed in a statement that campaign representatives were denied “effective access” to the vote counting sites.

Trump took the lead early in the “Blue Wall” states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but much of that was built on the Republican vote on Election Day. Mail-counting of ballots in all three states is expected to take hours or days.

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in a. Saturday Barack Obama And the Joe Biden He climbed to the podium at a rally at Northwestern High School in the suburbs of Flint, Michigan, a former struggling auto center known as the “City of Vehicles.”

But due to Biden’s Covid-safe campaign, only 179 cars were allowed to see Obama speak in Flint, and there were no undecided voters.

Demographic changes

In 2016, Michigan saw the closest race of any of the 50 U.S. states. Trump won with just 0.2 percent – fewer than 11,000 votes from more than 4.5 million votes.

Hillary Clinton won in the densely populated, Democratic County of Genesee, which includes Flint, but there was a swing of about 20 percentage points for Trump as disgruntled former manufacturing workers swapped. This Genesee County swing alone was enough to give Michigan to Trump.

The Vice President of Flint City Council, a Democrat in Michigan, announced that he supports the president.