Joanna Krupa became a mother over a year ago when her daughter Ashe was born. The model splits her time between Poland, where she works, among other things on the Top Model group, and the United States, where her husband lives. While in sunny California, Joanna doesn’t have to plan an exotic trip to go to a sunny beach in the middle of winter.

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Joanna Krupa with her daughter

Asha Nunes was born on November 2, 2019. However, Joanna’s road to motherhood has not been easy – the star suffers from Hashimoto’s disease, which makes it difficult to conceive. In the end, it worked and he became the model. On her daughter’s first birthday, she admitted that she had been waiting for her all her life.

No wonder Joanna celebrates every moment she spends with her family. This time she went to the ocean, where little Asha was running passionately with a beach ball in hand. As befits a model daughter, the girl was wearing a glamorous swimsuit, and her increasingly longer hair was tied in a ponytail at the top of her head. Joanna praised the day she spent at the beach on Instagram, as a photo of the model’s daughter and a video showed just how little Asha’s role with her parents was.

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I spent a lovely weekend with my princess. Summer in January – Joanna writes.

Joanna Krupa celebrates the birth of her daughter. Fans attack: “You’re a liar and a hypocrite.”

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Fans showered the little model with compliments while comparing her to the famous mom. Do you see the similarities, too?