In recent months, Huawei has focused on expanding the list of apps in AppGallery. Now is the time to change the design of the store.

Huwei AppGallery looks modern …

AppGallery now looks like a modern website. The content is available in the form of a vertical scrolling feed, and the following tabs offer apps divided by topic.

Games are now in a more prominent place. They have a separate tab, making it easy to access them and find the item you are interested in.

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The new theme also included tabs that were most popular with users – Gifts and Campaigns. They have completely new sections located at the top of the screen.

In other plans, Huawei has provided exclusive guide content and reviews of games and apps intended for the store.

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… only or legibly?

I am not a supporter of app changes, especially when you switch from a bit outdated, but straightforward and simple interface to one loaded with new solutions. In the case of AppGallery, this isn’t bad.

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At the top of each feed, it is really recent and may not be apparent at first glance, but below we have a clear breakdown into categories, for example games and apps. There you can easily browse the items that interest us. I rate the change very positively.

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