In an interview with Rzeczpospolita, Toshimitsu Motegi referred to Joe Biden’s presidency and Japan’s relations with the USA. As he says, the United States “also expresses clearly its position on the implementation of the concept of the Indo-Pacific free and open region, and commitment to global problems such as climate change or the Coronavirus epidemic, as well as on relations with China, which is trying to change the status quo by force. Japan is cooperating with.” The Biden administration is within the framework of the Japanese-American Security Consultation Committee, with the participation of the foreign and defense ministers of both countries.

Japan and the United States are looking for opportunities to cooperate with China on climate change or the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Toshimitsu Mutiji added, however, that we have a common position that there is no room for compromises when it comes to universal values ​​such as democracy or respect for basic human rights.

Japan’s relations with Poland

Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi was asked about the importance of Poland and the Visegrad Group in Japan’s foreign policy towards the European Union. – in the end [wizyty w Europie – red.] You come to Poland, which is currently the head of the Visegrad Group. This is the first visit of a Japanese foreign minister to Poland after a hiatus of three years. Poland, an important country in Central Europe, has historically friendly relations with Japan. In 2019, we celebrated the centenary of diplomatic relations. Our countries are working, within the framework of the strategic partnership, to develop cooperation in many areas, including politics, economics or culture – Motegi said.

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The Japanese foreign minister also indicated whether relations with Poland are strategically important from a geopolitical perspective. We are pleased with the recent approval by the Council of the European Union on the findings related to the European Union’s cooperation strategy in the Indo-Pacific region. We expect the European Union, with active support from Poland and the Visegrad Group, to participate more actively in the Indo-Pacific region – Toshimitsu Motegi said in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

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