At a time when superhero cinema and its promotion consume billions of dollars, the British have decided that MCU and DCEU’s camouflaged pants do not live up to old-school heroes like James Bond or Indiana Jones.

One would like to say “Once upon a time, there is no time today”. Hollywood brings us more and more amazing adventures of well-known superheroes from the Marvel and DC comic books. Its popularity and profit fuel more crossovers and other cinematic events. The cinematic universes are getting stronger, but viewers can still yearn for more old school action. Well, it has been known for a long time that it is difficult to get rid of old habits.

As I mentioned small screen, the chain of movie theaters conducted a survey among Britons to find out who their favorite hero is. The obvious choices in this case might be Superman, Spider-Man, or other DC and Marvel superheroes. However no. As it turns out, the islanders appreciate the good old Bond much more than that. James Bond.

Almost a quarter of interviewed viewers from Great Britain indicated that he is their favorite hero. They weren’t just guys who dreamed of saving the world on a regular basis, getting a girlfriend and looking great in a wreath. James Bond was also referenced by every fifth woman surveyed.

Of course, in the case of the British, they were expected to choose James Bond. It is a treasure of their popular culture. However, it is also an expression of their love for the old school heroes. In second place, there is still no Marvel or DC jersey, but Indiana Jones. The archaeologist got a total of 16 percent. all sounds.

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We will find the superhero only at the slightest step of the platform. Superman came in third with 10 percent. all sounds. Interestingly, he occupies this position with the famous outlaw from the Sherwood Forest. For Robin Hood it was referenced by exactly the same number of people.

Brits also love Hannibal Lecter

So much for the heroes. Each of them, however, needs a suitable discount. Alfred Hitchcock thought the movie was as good as the villain. Showcase Cinemas decided to also ask the participants about their favorite villain. As it turned out, the leader in this case is Hannibal Lecter, who is remembered by these thanks to the Oscar-winning role of Anthony Hopkins in “The Silence of the Lambs.”

Second place in the case of opponents was taken by Darth Vader. On the other hand, the last step of the platform, this time alone, is occupied by a bad comic book, the unforgettable Joker from “The Dark Knight” performed by Heath Ledger.

The published study clearly shows that Britons value heroes and villains who have the same accent more. If a similar survey had been conducted in Poland, we would not have had such a field to show our patriotism. However, we have to squeeze Adam Miauczyński somewhere, because “The Day of the Freak” is our favorite local production.