Max Verstappen didn’t bite his tongue ahead of the Abu Dhabi World Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver has admitted that Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes’ plays made him change his mind about the team and the Briton. But this is not the end.

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Max Verstappen

Press materials / Red Bull / Pictured: Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen used strong words at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Conference. According to the Red Bull Racing driver, this year’s fight for the championship showed “what Mercedes employees really are”. So, a reporter for “The Race” asked the 24-year-old if he had changed his mind about Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes in recent months.

– Yes. very. Verstappen answered not in a positive way.

The Red Bull Racing and Mercedes drivers have been in a tight match since the start of the season, their share of which was the Formula 1 world champion title. At the time, both said they had a lot of fun at the wheel – a fight with a wheel. However, everything changed with the UK Grand Prix in July.

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At Silverstone, it was Hamilton who behaved very sharply, pushing Verstappen at a speed of almost 300 km / h. The Dutchman went off the track, crashed into a car badly and drove to hospital, while his rival won the race and reclaimed plenty of losses in the F1 general classification.

Since then, Verstappen has also not given up on Hamilton when there were clashes on the track. The 24-year-old stressed, Thursday, that if his rival wins the championship on Sunday, he will have no problem congratulating him. – If all goes fair – he indicated.

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The words of Bernie Ecclestone were also quoted during the conference, who recently mentioned that Mercedes and Hamilton play with Verstappen, which, among other things, influenced the judges’ decisions. The Red Bull driver commented on the former F1 chief’s words: “Well, it seems Bernie feels something is wrong.”

“I don’t experience any particular bullying from them, but I don’t think anything that happens is right,” he added.

Verstappen means, inter alia, the events of Saudi Arabia, where he was punished several times by the judges. It’s not fair that I’m treated differently from other drivers. Apparently, some maneuvers can get away with it, but not me. He concluded that this was the problem.

Currently, Verstappen and Hamilton are tied for the same number of points in the F1 standings. Whoever scores the most points in the Abu Dhabi World Grand Prix will become the world champion. If they both finish the race at Yas Marina after the ten, the title will go to the Dutchman. The 24-year-old has won more races this season.

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