Saudi Arabia may participate in hosting the 2030 World Cup, which will be organized by Italy. This exciting information has been provided by the English portal The Athletic.

Italy because of success euro I applied for the competition in which the host country for the European Championship 2028 and the 2030 World Cup will be selected. So far, we do not know the organizer of any of these tournaments. Officially, there are exactly two people who are ready to organize the euro. Applications must be submitted by Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Serbia (jointly). Soon Italy, Spain and Portugal will confirm their readiness to regulate the euro.

There are many people who are ready to organize the World Cup in 2030: Morocco (in cooperation with Egypt or Spain for example), Great Britain and Ireland, Spain, as well as Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Serbia.

World Cup 2030. Italy will host the World Cup with Saudi Arabia?

Italy is also scheduled to submit its candidacy. The President of the Italian Football Federation announced, on Thursday, that the winners of the Euro 2020 championship, amid a wave of enthusiasm after winning the championship title. Wembley They made two offers: they want to organize Euro 2028 or the 2030 World Cup.

In the case of the World Cup, matches will not only be played in Italy. The Athletic website announced that the Italians could submit a joint bid with Saudi Arabia. The sheikhs are also considering submitting a joint candidacy with Egypt and Morocco.

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World Cup 2030. Media: Italy and Saudi Arabia will submit a joint candidacy

It links the Italians with the Saudis, among others, cooperating in the organization of the Super Cup (Juventus – Milan 2018) which was held in Jeddah.

The decision to move this match abroad sparked controversy: about the fact that the Saudis are violating human rights, not allowing free media to operate, and violating principles of religious tolerance.