The driving lesson for two brothers from Brodnica poviat ended with two fines and the penalty application submitted to the court. The older brother wanted to teach him to drive, but the learning ended in a coup. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident. But this is not the end of the story.

The accident occurred approximately. 4 p.m. Prudnica police received a notification that a car had capsized in the village of Igliszna. The traffic policemen who went there did not find the driver of the wrecked car. When the scene of the accident was secured, the officers received information from the duty officer that the owner of the car was reporting the theft of the car. The officers arrived at the owner and claimed that the car had been stolen from him. When he found out that a stalker dog was going to find the car theft, the man admitted that he was lying.

It turns out the car owner was teaching his younger brother how to drive, but he didn’t adjust the speed to road conditions and drove so that The car capsized. The men fled the scene of the accident to their homes, leaving the wrecked Peugeot, and reporting it was stolen. They did this for fear of the consequences, since the young man did not have the ability to drive. The consequences will be dire.

The younger brother, 19 years old, was fined 500 PLN for driving a car without a permit, 300 PLN and 6 points. Criminal charges of causing a collision, and against the elder brother, the police asked the court to punish him for unnecessary police behavior.

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The man is threatened with a fine of up to 5,000 zloty.